OptiClimate 15000 Pro 4 Air-cooled System

OptiClimate 15000 Pro 4 Air-cooled System

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  • The OptiClimate 15000 PRO4 from the new PRO 4 series is a lot more efficient with water and electricity and has a much higher dehumidifying capacity
  • Dimensions: 1230 x 900 x 545 mm
  • Connection: 3 Phase 5x4 mm² + D25-3F MCB


If you have problems with drainage in your growing area you can overcome bottlenecks of water by using the OptiClimate 15000 Pro 4 Air-cooled System, reducing the amount of water that needs to be drained. It's done by having two units to get the climate control you need for optimal plant growth. The first is situated inside the indoor growing area and is connected by hoses to a unit situated outside. The outside unit does not use water to cool the hot air that comes from the interior unit, but cools it and sends it back, thus lessening the amount of water needing to be drained. The Pro 4 series also cuts down on your water and electricity use.


Brand OptiClimate
Connection 3 Phase 5x4mm² + D25-3F MCB
Dehumidification Capacity 441 Litres per 24 hours*
Dimensions (L x W x D) 1230 x 900 x 545 mm
Heating 3 x 2000W
Input (V) 230V - 400V
Phase 1 of 3
Power (W) 3100W
Water Consumption 5 to 9.5 Litres Per Minute
Weight for Delivery 190

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