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OptiClimate 6000 Pro 3 Split Air-cooled System Extended Reach

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  • The Split EX (Extended Reach) unit of the OptiClimate 6000 PRO3 can bridge a distance of up to 30 metres between the indoor and outdoor units
  • The OptiClimate Split EX Units come standard with a quick-connect 15 metre cooling hose which consists of a set of two hoses
  • Connection: 1 Phase 3x4 mm² + D25-1F MCB or 3 Phase 5x2.5mm² - D16-3F MCB
The easy flow of water is not always possible when using air conditioning to provide the right growing conditions for your produce, especially if the drainage is prone to bottlenecks. You can solve this by setting up the OptiClimate 6000 Pro 3 Split Air-cooled System with Extended Reach. This supplies you with an indoor and outdoor unit where cooling hoses are used to transfer hot and cool air between them. The outside unit takes in hot air supplied by the interior one, and without using water, sends cool air back. The device then uses its light sensor and your temperature settings to provide the optimum growing atmosphere. 15m of hose comes as standard, but if your units are much further apart you can access up to 30m of hose that in most cases, you should find sufficient. The machine has a cooling capacity of 6kw, a useful addition to your hydroponics area.

  • High quality cooling unit, has a cooling capacity of up to 6kw.
  • Comes with 15m of hose as standard but up to 30m can be ordered.
  • More Information
    Brand OptiClimate
    Connection 1 Phase 3x4 mm² + D25-1F MCB or 3 Phase 5x2.5mm² - D16-3F MCB
    Dimensions (L x W x D) 990 x 760 x 505 mm
    Extended Reach Yes
    Heating 3 x 1500W
    Input (V) 230V - 400V
    No. of Lamps 400W 24
    No. of Lamps 600W 16
    Power (W) 1520W
    Split Unit Yes
    Weight for Delivery 105