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OptiClimate Evaporative Coolers

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  • Use when water supply is limited or no drain is present
  • Reduce water consumption by over 95%
An OptiClimate Evaporative Cooler makes sure your water system is as efficient as possible, with minimal waste. The system can be used to provide air conditioning even if there is no drain or your water supply is restricted. This super-smart system cuts water consumption by as much as 95%, so not a single drop is wasted! It also does it with no major increase in power consumption (depending on the model you use), making it energy efficient too. To use, simply connect to the special water outlet (middle connection) of the OptiClimate unit and discharge the air output into the outside air. The evaporative cooler will then drain hot water from the OptiClimate unit, cool and make ready for reuse. The OptiClimate water-cooled system is a high-grade horticultural air conditioning system that enables you to maintain the optimum climate needed to generate maximum plant yields. This OptiClimate Evaporative Cooler is a great addition to the range as it ensures that it can be used where water supply or drainage is an issue.

  • Designed for use with the OptiClimate line of water-cooling units.
  • Optimises the water system further in an incredibly efficient manner.
  • Cuts up to 95% of water consumption.