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OptiClimate Vibration Isolator Springs

OptiClimate Vibration Isolator Springs

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  • Reduce vibrations by up to 98%
  • Easily be added or retro-fitted to the vibration rubbers

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OptiClimate Vibration Isolator Springs are designed to be added to the OptiClimate range of plant environment air-conditioning systems in order to reduce vibrations by an impressive 98%, vastly improving user experience whilst maintaining excellent performance. Supplied as four pieces, the springs can easily be added or retro-fitted to the vibration rubbers that are included with the range as standard. The OptiClimate water-cooled air conditioning system is designed to increase plant yields by maintaining optimal growing conditions by cooling, heating, dehumidifying, filtering and circulating air continually and automatically. This ensures your crops are kept in peak condition at all times of the day and all year round as heating and cooling elements overcome daily temperature peaks and seasonal weather variances. For a quick and simple addition that will reduce vibration to give a 98% quieter operating experience, use our OptiClimate Vibration Isolator Springs.

  • For use with OptiClimate units.
  • Helps reduce 98% of all vibrations.
  • Minimises noise and disruptions.
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