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OptiClimate Vibration Isolator Springs for OptiClimate 10000 (Pack of 4)

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  • Reduce vibrations by up to 98%
  • Easily added or retro-fitted to the vibration rubbers
Designed for use with the OptiClimate 10000 plant environment air conditioning systems these premium quality OptiClimate Vibration Isolator Springs reduce vibrations by an impressive 98%, making them quieter and more effective. The springs come in four pieces and can be easily incorporated into existing systems or retro-fitted to the vibration rubbers that come as standard. The OptiClimate water-cooler air conditioning system works hard to increase plant yields by keeping growing conditions at their optimum levels by ensuring the correct temperature is maintained and that the environment is filtered, circulated and dehumidified. That means the best growing environment for your plants but no chance that diseases and pests can take hold and affect your crops. It also helps to minimise seasonal weather variances. For a quick and simple addition that will reduce vibration to give a 98% quieter operating experience, use our OptiClimate 10000 Vibration Isolator Springs.
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