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Optilux 600w Magnetic Ballast

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  • Perfect for standard HPS, MH and dual spec lamps
  • True 600 W Power delivered to lamp
  • Quiet Operational Running
  • 2-year warranty
  • CE, FCC, UL & ROHS approved

Cheap and reliable – magnetic ballasts are the cheapest option for running your light fixtures.

Magnetic ballasts work on physical principles that act as a choke on the electrical current passing through the lamp. High intensity Discharge (HID) lamps tend to use a large current on start-up to ‘get up to temperature’, this current then falls and stabilises to the operating current. If there wasn’t a ballast between the wall plug and your bulb, the bulb wouldn’t last long.

Supplied with rubber feet that reduce sounds from vibration, magnetic ballasts make hardly any noise and they operate quietly.

Passive air vents reduces heat build-up from the internal components. Avoid heat related issues by mounting your ballasts outside your tent or growing environment.

Magnetic ballasts are extremely reliable and can last for years of service if treated correctly.

Digital ballasts are superior to magnetic ballasts. However, magnetic ballasts provide a cost-effective solution in the short term. If you’re setting up a permanent or long-term garden, we recommend that using a digital ballast. They provide a higher degree of versatility and use less electricity, so they pay for themselves over time in saved running costs.

How to use:

When installing an indoor garden, a good rule of thumb is to keep all electrics above waist height and all water below. This reduces the chance of the two mixing.

Use a Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer to control your light regime for one light fixture. For more than one light you’ll need a contactor to manage the start up surge (draw of electrical current).

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