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Optilux 600W HPS Magnetic Grow Light Kit

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  • Complete Magnetic 600 W light fixture.
  • Dual spectrum Lamp / Euro Reflector / 600w magnetic ballast.
  • Ready to plug and play.
  • Silent Running – no buzzing or humming.
  • Robust, Solid construction.
  • CE, FCC, UL & ROHS approved.

This Optilux 600 W Magnetic Grow Light Kit comes complete and ready to plug and play – Just connect all the components and it’s ready to go!

All components have been specifically designed for use with each other. The Kit includes:

  • Optilux euro reflector: A lightweight, open ended, highly polished dimpled reflector.
  • Optilux magnetic 600 W ballast: Balances the power your lamp receives.
  • Optilux dual spectrum lamp: suitable for vegetative and flowering phases.

This kit is perfect for those embarking on a hydroponic project as well as larger operations that are looking to expand on a budget, representing great value for money for any size garden.

Euro reflectors are a staple among indoor growers, they’re wide angled and open ended so there won’t be any heat building up under the shade allowing you to get the reflector closer to your canopy without negative affects creeping in. Euro reflectors are made from a highly reflective anodised aluminium that’s hammered and dimpled so there’s no hotspots with an even light distribution.

Traditional magnetic ballasts are extremely reliable as there’s no moving parts and they operate on the simple principle of inducing a current through a coiled copper wire and an iron core. While the warranty is 2 years, many gardeners have magnetic ballasts for over 10 years without issue.

The Dual spectrum lamp includes hues from both sides of the spectrum (red and blue) so it can be used throughout the plants entire life cycle with great results. The fact the bulb can be used all the way through a cycle reduces the maintenance required.

Magnetic light kits are initially cheaper than digital light kits, but digital kits use less energy over time. If you plan on running your garden for more than a year, you’ll recoup the extra cost of digital ballasts through savings on your electric. You can find our Optilux Digital light kit here

How to Use

Never run your lights before peeling the protective plastic layer from the reflector.

Just fit the lamp in the reflector plug the reflector into the ballast, attach the ballast to a power outlet and you’re ready to go!

Use a Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer to control your light regime for one light fixture. For more than one light you’ll need a contactor to manage the start-up surge (draw of electrical current).

To maintain a high intensity light output, we recommend replacing your bulbs in 4 - 6 month intervals or once every complete cycle.– making yields more consistent.

We recommend mounting your ballast outside your room – place them above waist level to reduce the chances of moisture getting near the units. If you’re sitting them in your room place them on wooden blocks or bricks to allow some air movement around the unit.

Look at our Light hangers to choose which hangar to suspend your lights with.

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