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Optilux 600w Metal Halide Lamp

Optilux 600w Metal Halide Lamp

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  • Metal Halides are perfect for vegetative growth
  • Tight internodes, producing stocky plants capable of producing outstanding yields
  • Exclusively tailored for horticultural applications
  • Efficient and long lifespan
  • 700 µmol, 55000 Lumens at 6000 Kelvins
  • Runs on a standard 240 V ballast
  • Standard E40 Mogul fitting

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Need Faster, tighter, thicker vegetative growth?

We know that during flower is when you see the results, but the hard work doesn’t start at the onset of bloom. Master growers put in the effort right from propagation in order to create a structure of plant that out-yields equivalent tall, gangly plants. Ideally you want short, stocky plants with strong branches that are all of a similar height – Metal halide grow lights bring this to your veg stage.

Growing Fruiting annuals in vegetative growth under metal halides produces tight internodes, allowing stocky short stature plants capable of producing outstanding yields thanks to the increased flower sites and uniformity which means all flowers are bathed in a similar amount of light.

Metal Halide (MH) grow lights mostly produce more light from the blue side of the spectrum – they are best suited to facilitate vegetative plants. If you use MH lamps during flower, you'll get lower yields than with a High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp. When used in combination, Metal halide can supplement the missing parts of the spectrum from HPS lamps, to increase your final yields and quality.

We recommend swapping your bulb after around 10,000 hours runtime to keep your grow room efficiency high. Since metal halides will only be in use for the vegetative stage of the cycle, MH lamps often need to be replaced a lot less frequently than HPS lamps, except in supplementary applications.

With Metal Halide lamps, we are essentially mimicking the perfect conditions of mid-summer sun, giving plants all the cues they need for proliferate vegetative growth.

How to use:

A 600 W lamp is perfect for a full cycle over a 1.2m2 footprint. For the vegetative phase, you can get away with slightly lower light levels, in which case the lamp can provide enough light for a 1.5m2 footprint.

Never dim or run Metal halide bulbs on the overdrive function if you’ve got a digital ballast – you should only run HPS lamps at 110%. Always purchase the wattage of MH grow light you intend to run.


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