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Optilux 600W X-CMH 3K Agro-Power - Flowering Lamp

Optilux 600W X-CMH 3K Agro-Power - Flowering Lamp

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  • Full Spectrum bulb suited throughout the lifecycle
  • 1100 μmol / 60,000 Lumens
  • Unbelievable low price
  • 1-year warranty
  • CE, FCC, UL & ROHS approved
  • Use with 240 V magnetic or digital ballast

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What is the Optilux 600W X-CMH 3K Agro-Power Lamp?

The Optilux 600W X-CMH 3K Agro-Power grow light produces a PAR output of 1100 umol/ or 60,000 Lumens. 3K light is classed as a “warm white” which is best suited to the flowering stage of a plant's lifecycle.

3K for Flower - 4K for Power

The 3K lamp is best used once you're ready to move to the flowering stage of your plant's lifecycle. Before this, you'll grow big, strong plants using the 600W 4K Vegetation lamps to cover you for the vegetative stage.

Why Use A 3K Lamp?

The Optilux 600W X-CMH 3K Agro-Power lamps are best suited to the flowering period. The 3K colour temperature outputs a well-balanced spectrum with slightly higher red content with added UV for stronger flowering.

The 3K part of the spectrum is ideal for rapid onset and development of flowering sites. It mimics the light emitted by the sun as it begins to set lower in the sky, during the mid-late summer before autumn.

Spectrum Output

These bulbs offer a 1100 μmol / 60,000 Lumens output. They cover the full range of the spectrum, but are best suited to flowering all flowering plants.

Check out the spectrum graph below, to see the lamp's output.

Optilux 600W X-CMH 3K Agro-Power Lamp Spectrum Graph

Agro Power Bulbs

Agro-Power bulbs are tested against the best-selling commercial agricultural lamps with similar or better spectral results.

Full Spectrum Bulbs for Better Plants

Using Full Spectrum Bulbs will dramatically increase your quality over traditional HPS lamps. They offer you a balance of red and blue light. This is achieved by tweaking the anatomy of a traditional bulb and increasing blue and UV light.

Increased blue light reduces stretch at the onset of flowering.

UV helps to produce more essential oils as the plants works to protect itself from UV exposure. It also works to speed up fruits and flowers ripening and increases fruit & flower density & hardness.

How to Use the Optilux 600W X-CMH 3K Agro-Power Lamp

Install your lamp into a reflector with an E40 mogul fitting – make sure you screw it in firmly to ensure contact between electrical connections.

We recommend changing your bulbs after each cycle or at 4-to-6-month intervals to maintain your yield – the bulb decreases in output over time so change them before light levels drop enough to reduce your yield.

This bulb is compatible with 240 V ballasts that are able to support 600W lights.


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