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Optilux Adjust-A-Wings Avenger 600w HPS Light Kit (digital or magnetic)

Optilux Adjust-A-Wings Avenger 600w HPS Light Kit (digital or magnetic)

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  • Stunning 97% reflective!
  • Unparalleled uniform distribution of heat and light
  • Completely adjustable reflector for perfect footprint
  • Corrosion resistant, maintains reflectivity up to 20 years
  • Plug and Play – Ready to get going out of the box
  • Avenger Digital was: £159.95, Now: £149.95

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Complete premium light fixture to give you the ultimate control in spread vs intensity

What you get:

A Medium Avenger Reflector + 600w Optilux ballast of your choice and a 600w Optilux Agro Lamp

The Avenger is the top of the range option from adjust-a-wing, with a high reflectance of 97% – very few of your photons will be wasted! It’s got a vapour coating with molten glass and titanium dioxide. PVD / Ceramic coated. It’s super reflective and corrosion resistant so will maintain reflectivity for years!

Adjust-A-Wing Avengers have adjustable lamp holders to control light intensity, adjustable width to control the spread and the height of the reflector over the canopy determines light intensity over your footprint as well as how much heat reaches plants. If you want to see what Adjust-a-Wings adjustable reflectors can bring to your garden but don’t have the budget required for these Avengers, check out the the Enforcer Light kit.

Avenger adjustable positions

The Avenger comes with a super spreader that allows you to get a more uniform footprint of light across your space without any hot-spots, increasing yields, as the plants right at the edges of the tent will receive an equal amount of light when compared with plants in the middle.

Adjustawings super spreader

Avenger Features:

> Premium Double parabolic lighting reflector

> Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors

> Corrosion resistant – maintain reflectivity for years!

> 97% reflective thanks to Glass coated super alloy

> Supplied with a Super Spreader

> Adjustable width controls light spread

> Adjustable lamp height controls light intensit

Avenger Reflector Tech Specs:

Dimensions - 70cm x 55cm (27.5" x 21.5") – Works best with 600w lamps

3m long cable with male IEC plug

Optilux Dual spectrum Lamp:

The Optilux lamp has been specifically engineered for a horticultural application – It’s based on the anatomy of an HPS bulb with the inclusion of additional metallic salts to produce more blue hues. This means the Optilux Lamp is suitable for all stages of growth, reducing the work you have to do when it comes time to flower & reducing the initial outlay for equipment.

Your choice of ballast:

Optilux Magnetic ballast: Magnetic ballasts are the budget option; they’re large, heavy and electrically inefficient. They’ll do the job and fire up your lamp but most serious growers are moving over to digital ballasts as they’re better in several areas.

Optilux Digital ballast: Digital Ballasts are superior to Magnetic ones, they’re more electrically efficient, allowing the user to set the output, run bulbs at a true wattage and are lighter and smaller so they’re easier to transport and integrate into your space. Optilux Digital ballasts have 4 dim modes; 250w, 400w, 600w and x-boost 660w.

How to use the Enforcer Light Kit:

You’ll need something to hang your light kit in the centre of the space you intend to illuminate such as a Ratchet Hanger - When used at 600w, these reflectors will cover a footprint of between 1.2 x 1.2m up to 1 x 1.5m, depending on the settings used.

Make sure you purchase enough fixtures to cover the area you intend to grow in.

The medium Avenger is most suited to 600w bulbs but can be used with 400w and 1000w lamps as well.

We recommend you change your bulbs once every complete cycle or every 6 months to keep your garden producing the maximum possible yield!

When installing your lamps, use gloves to reduce the chances of oils or moisture from your hands sticking to bulbs and reducing their efficiency.

When placing your ballasts, make sure they are not near sources of water. An easy rule of thumb is to keep all electrical appliances above waist height and all water below, reducing the chances of the two mixing. Never place ballasts on carpet, use something like a brick to prop it up off the floor and provide enough room for airflow around the unit.

Avengers require some assembly as they are shipped flat-packed. Full instructions on how to assemble the Avenger are included with the reflector.


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