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Ora Wall Fan 16"

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  • 16-inch Diameter
  • Oscillate and static settings with tilt options for optimum air circulation
  • Quiet, long-life 240 V / 45 W motor with simple, pull-cord operation and three speed settings
  • Click and snap protective grilles attach with two screws
  • Wall fans can be fixed to plasterboard, wood and brick with screws
  • A 1.5 metre power cable simplifies positioning


The Ora 16" wall fans are easy to assemble and fit, saving on floor-space. The fans quietly move large volumes of air by utilising an efficient, long-lasting 240 V / 45 W motor and three fan blades. The pull-cord on/off control and three speed settings with static, oscillate and tilt options make tailoring air flow simple.

Perfect to use at home, in a workshop or anywhere else where floor or tabletop space might be limited.

The fan body is lightweight and strong. The fan blades design withstand heavy use in high-moisture conditions, providing smooth and fast high-volume circulation.

Environment is An Important Factor In Plant Health

Air movement helps your plants cope with increased temperatures, allowing them to transpire more water to cool down. Proper air movement reduces microclimates, improving the accuracy of any measurements taken. This allows you to fine tune the growing environment through a better understanding.

In addition to moving the air inside your grow room, the air should also be constantly vented to refresh it using extraction fans. Extraction includes filtering and exhausting stale, CO2 depleted air, away from the growing environment and bringing in fresh air via ducting. Your plants absorb CO2 throughout the day as part of their nutrient cycle. Starving your plants access to sufficient CO2 has a detrimental effect. Ready access to fresh CO2 aids your plants natural cycles, boosting growth and yields. Ventilation also helps control the temperature and humidity level of your grow room. With regular, fresh supplies of air in the grow room, moving air around the plants helps to reduce hot spots and strengthens the stems of your plants.

Using Air Movement Fans - Best Practice

Position air movement fans so the air flow diffuses by blowing against a wall or light fixtures, rather than blowing straight at plants.

Professionals recommend using multiple fans on a low setting rather than fewer on high power.

Too much or consistent direct wind exposure can damage your plants or cause them stress.

Causes of Plant Stress From Over Exposure

Too much or direct wind exposure can stress plants as they fight to intensify transpiration levels to match the increased fluid leaving the plant’s stomata. It can also cause windburn on leaves.

Plant damage or stress can lead to slowed or stunted growth with lower yields.

More Information
Brand Ora
Frequency 50Hz
Input (V) 220-240V
Model AUFAN005
Power (W) 45W
Speed 3 Wind Speed
Weight for Delivery 2.5