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Oscillating Pedestal Fan 16"

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  • Features tilt and swivel head for optimum air circulation
  • Solid Round unbreakable base
  • 3 speed
The absolute joy of a cool summer breeze is not to be sneezed at, unless you are unfortunate enough to suffer from hay fever of course! However when it comes to keen commercial growers and domestic gardeners who are maintaining an active growing space perhaps this is less likely to be the case. Plants need as much fresh air as human beings and by refreshing the CO2 around them you will be helping to keep them cool. The 16-inch pedestal swing fan is an ideal solution to problems with stale air because it is portable, adjustable, has variable speed settings and can be used to direct a steady stream of cooling air or made to turn from side to side to distribute low temperature air more evenly. Energy consumption is always a consideration and the 16-inch pedestal fan has established a reputation as being a reliable yet budget purchase.

  • 16 Inch diameter.
  • Has three speed settings.
  • Features a tiltable and swivelable head.
  • More Information
    Dimensions (L x W x D) 50 X 13.5 X 43.5cm
    Frequency 50Hz
    Input (V) 230V - 50Hz
    Model FS40-3
    Power (W) 45W
    Size Buddhas Tree Coco A+B 10L
    Speed 3 Wind Speed
    Weight for Delivery 2.8