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Osram Vialox NAV-T 4Y (son-t & son-t plus) HPS bulbs

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  • Maximum output from the red range of the light spectrum
  • Perfectly suited for Flower, fruiting and blossom
  • Long lifetime
  • High luminous efficacy
  • E40 fitting

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Bulbs create light towards the red end of the spectrum so they are perfect for flowering and fruiting.


HPS lamps can be used throughout the development of plants too, but the distance between flowering sites will increase if this technique is used.


Most growers rely on Metal Halide (MH) for early development since plants require more light from the blue end of the spectrum during this time. This will decrease the spacing between flower sites meaning more flowers on each plant.


You should change to HPS when the plant starts to flower, as this will produce the best results.


Watts Type Lumens Life Lumen Watts Recommended size
250 Son-T Plus 33200 36000hrs 130lm/w

0.6 – 0.7 m2

400 Son-T Plus 56500 36000hrs 141lm/w

0.8 – 0.9 m2

600 Son-T Plus 90000 32000hrs 150lm/w

1 – 1.2 m2

1000 Son-T 130000 90000hrs 135lm/w

1.3 – 1.5 m2


How to Use:

You will need a ballast and reflector in order to use this bulb. Make sure the ballast matches the wattage of the bulb.

You can use any 230v/240v ballast; Magnetic or digital, but these bulbs will not work in the new 400v lighting systems.

Digital ballasts offer several benefits over magnetic ones, such as being able to switch between wattages and digital ballasts are more energy efficient.