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Philips Master Green Power HPS Lamps

Philips Master Green Power HPS Lamps

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  • These lamps contain noble gases like: argon, neon, krypton and xenon
  • They have a robust construction which is vibration and shock-resistant, thus leading to a reliable life
  • These lights are intended for places such as industrial, road and residential lighting. They can also be used in recreational and floodlighting


The Greenpower Lamps from Philips have the robust design and the advanced technologies that you’ve come to expect from a brand like Philips. But it also comes with a reputation for cultivating tremendous crops in terms of both quality and quantity too! The light that’s generated by a Greenpower Lamp triggers phenomenal growth in all your plants in their vegetative and flowering stages. What’s more, Greenpower Lamps are one of the most efficient and effective light sources available to indoor gardeners. They’re extremely reliable and have a long lasting output – up to 2400 hours – at the optimum level, so you have to change them far less frequently than alternative options.


Brand Philips
Cap / Base E40
Input (V) 400V

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