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Philips Master Green Power HPS Lamps

Philips Master Green Power HPS Lamps

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  • These lamps contain noble gases like: argon, neon, krypton and xenon
  • They have a robust construction which is vibration and shock-resistant, thus leading to a reliable life
  • These lights are intended for places such as industrial, road and residential lighting. They can also be used in recreational and floodlighting

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Expertly designed by the masters of lighting themselves - Philips!

Superbly designed and expertly developed, the Philips Master Green Power HPS Lamps are optimized first and foremost for the orange/red part of the light spectrum. This allows them to stimulate rapid flowering with a massive 88,000 lumen output. And although it is specialised for this part of the spectrum, it also provides a decent amount of blue light which helps plants through the vegetative growth stages as well.

Although it is true that the Philips Master Green Power 600W HPS has a lower lumen output than some other HPS lamps available on the market, the light it produces is actually far more usable by your plants than any other type, making it the best lamp for growing that is available.

In addition, the Philips Master Green power 600W HPS has been designed to an incredibly high standard which allows it to retain a larger amount of its light output over a longer period of time (up to 2400 hours!) when compared to other lights that will rapidly lose their effectiveness as the months and years go by.


Brand Philips
Cap / Base E40
Input (V) 400V

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