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V1 Hyperfan Stealth

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  • 15dba's (75%) quieter than the original model
  • Uses 50% less power than traditional fans
  • Integrated speed controller and mounting brackets included
Optimal airflow is essential to successful hydroponic cultivation, which makes the Stealth Hyperfans from Phresh a good choice. They're whisper quiet, and use laminar flow fan blade and stator technology to create the optimal airflow – they're similar in design to the jet engine of an aeroplane! This design means you get very high CFMs (cubic feet per minute) of air volume when the fans move – and they provide exceptional static pressure performance. They're an upgrade on the original Hyperfan because they combine a silencing canister with lightweight acoustic foam. This gives a major reduction in noise, 15 dBA, a level at which the human ear perceives as 75% quieter. The fans use 50% less power than traditional fans would and come with a speed controller as well as integrated mounting brackets to make installation as easy as possible.

  • Top-of-the-line fans
  • Optimal airflow with a design similar to aircraft jet engines
  • Produces high CFMs but near-silent at 15dBA
  • 75% quieter than the standard Hyperfan and uses 50% less power than traditional fans