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Plagron - Coco Base Nutrients A + B

Plagron - Coco Base Nutrients A + B

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  • Chelated for maximum plant uptake and availability
  • Humic and Fulvic enhances uptake over side pH
  • High concentration for maximum efficiency
  • Formulated to run clean with NO nutrient crystalizing or lockout
  • Suitable for ALL watering systems growing in coconut
  • Available in a range of sizes

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Premium plant nutrition tailored for Coco Coir

Cocos A&B is a highly concentrated mineral basic plant food for use during the plant’s growth and flowering phase. This liquid fertiliser is easy to use and contains a balanced mix of nutrients for optimum results. Cocos A&B was developed especially for cultivation in all kinds of buffered coconut substrates and are universally applicable.

With the nutritional demand of your plant completely covered with just 2 bottles, the Plagron coco two-part fertilizer is really easy to use, allowing any gardenener, regardless of skill level to achieve professional results in coco.

Plagron – coco base composition:

Coco A = NPK: 4-0-1, Calcium (Ca): 4,5%

Cocos B = NPK: 1-4-2, MgO: 2%

How to use Plagron – coco base

Shake BOTH products well before use!

Dilute in accordance with the feed schedule; between 2 to 4 ml of A & B per litre of water.

Adjust pH value of the final nutrient solution between 5.5 and 6.0.


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