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Plagron Green Sensation

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  • 4-in-1 formulation combines PK, Enzymes, Enhancer and a booster.
  • Increase the quality in terms of taste and yield.
  • 1:1000 dilution ratio.
  • Simple to use - just add it to your base nutrients.
  • Works well in any substrate or system.
  • Designed to get the most out of your plants.
  • Easily dissolves and not prone to clogging

Push your crops to their maximum potential in terms of quality and quantity. Green sensation helps increase the speed of plant metabolism, photosynthesis and plant processes while simultaneously providing the extra nutritional compounds to support the increased rate of growth.

Make sure your yields cause a real sensation, with Plagron Green Sensation, a powerful bloom stimulator expertly formulated and packed full with a broad spectrum of nutrients. This all-in-one flowering stimulator sets itself apart from other products on the market with its extra levels of phosphorus and potassium, elements that are crucial for your plant's development and a boon to your blooms, ensuring riper, tastier fruit and denser, lusher flowering sites.

Green sensation uses a 4-in-1 formulation that combines the power of a PK booster, Enzymes, an enhancer and metabolic booster. You just need to add green sensation to your normal base nutrients and watch the results form. No need for 4 seperate bottles taking up precious storage room and you won't have to dose 4 seperate additives.

The ingredients in green sensation will push your plant to increase:

  • resin production
  • sugar transport
  • essential oil production

Plagron pride themselves on the quality of ingredients they include in their products, with each new batch of raw materials undergoing rigorous testing to make sure it meets the high quality standards. This leads to a consistent product that you can put your faith in. Plagron is derived from organic sources and does not contain hormones, animal residues or genetically modified ingredients - there are no negative effects to plant yield or quality.

How to Use

Used in the final 4 to 6 weeks of flowering, Green Sensation promotes the production of sugar, which is essential for ensuring higher yeilds of better quality produce. This sensational stimulator is suitable for all substrates, soil, coco and hydro. Simply add Green sensation to your nutrient schedule, sit-back and enjoy the amazing results.

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