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Plant Magic Coco Base Nutrients

Plant Magic Coco Base Nutrients

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  • Premium base nutrient formulated for coco coir
  • Perfectly blanaced NPK Macro nutrient profile
  • Enhanced with micro- nutrients and bio-stimulants
  • Includes a source of plant available calcium and magnesium
  • Only suitable for Hard Water


Using Coco coir?

You’ve found the perfect nutrient for you substrate – Plant magic have specifically formulated these nutrients for coco coir, with a balanced ratio of secondary nutrients along with a full complement of trace elements it’s a unique formula for plants growing in a coco coir medium, stopping lock-out or deficiencies.

Plant magic use highest caliber ingredients in their nutrients, including the best quality Humate in the Coco range to enhance nutrient uptake, microbial activity and to stimulate profuse root growth.

The grow and bloom have slightly different formulations to account for the changing dietary requirements of a plant as it transitions into flower.

Plant Magic Coco Grow Base nutrient

Perfect ratio of elements to support fast, healthy growth of foliage as well as strong development of support structures such as stems and roots.

Expect faster development than 1-component competitor coco nutrients

Coco Grow Composition:NPK: 3.4/4/4.1

Plant Magic Coco Bloom Base nutrient

The perfect ratio of elements to encourage profuse flower sets and higher yields come harvest.

Coco bloom Composition:NPK: 4/5.2/4.5

Caution: Store in a cool dry place away from children. Always wear gloves and eye protection when using this product. In case of contact with skin and eyes rinse with clean running water.

Always shake well before use

Always add equal amounts of A & B separately to the required amount of water

As a guide, 3ml to 5ml per litre will give your target EC from the grow schedule (background water hardness will affect EC levels)

Mix in thoroughly and use calibrated measuring equipment to measure your EC values

Adjust pH to 6.0


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