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Plant magic DWC Base nutrient A+B

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  • Formulated for DWC systems.
  • pH stable regardless of bubbling intensity
  • Highly concentrated for excellent value
  • Use this one nutrient through grow and bloom
  • Make your feeding regime simple!

Specially formulated for use in deep water culture systems. Highly concentrated to maximise value and will produce strong, healthy plants. Use throughout both grow and bloom stages and add a PK additive during the bloom stage.

Thanks to the concentrated solution, Plant magic DWC base nutrient lasts a long time as you only need to add a few ml per litre of solution. There’s also fewer bottles since there’s not separate vegetative and bloom nutrients, saving you space and hassle when mixing a fresh batch of nutrients.

Plant magic DWC has been formulated for ideal plant health, containing all the essential macro and micro nutrients for luscious green growth.

Plant magic has formulated this DWC base nutrient specifically for Deep Water Culture as there’s no PH drift when bubbles are in the solution. Best used in:

  • Oxypot
  • Alien DWC
  • Green Man

Mix equal parts of A and B in turn into the reservoir. Do not mix together in their concentrated forms.