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Plant Magic Ignition

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  • Potent bloom booster
  • Increases flower potential
  • Contains a blend of hormones and stimulants
  • Increase the density, size and number of flowering sites.
  • aids plant in transition to flower
  • Suitable for use in all system types
  • Increase in plant oils & sugar

Ignition is a bloom booster that’s used in the first 4 weeks of flower while the plant is still forming new flowers. During this critical time, plants are setting flowers which will determine the end yield of harvestable fruit.

Increasing the plants potential during this crucial stage will see big gains in end results.

It’s been specially formulated for use during specific stages of flower & allows the plant to maximise its potential throughout the flowering process.

This one litre bottle is enough nutrient for 250-500L once diluted!

Proprietary blend of growth promoting hormones and plant stimulators without PGR’s – You can safely use ignition without the worry of it affecting the quality of your end product.

We recommend using ignition alongside a PK booster likeBuddhas Tree PK 9/18 to provide extra nutrition to feed the increase in plant sites brought about by ignition.

How to use:

We recommend following the plant magic schedule and adding 2ml per litre of water for the first 4 weeks after flipping a plant into flower. When ignition is used during this time, it adds potential to a plant by increasing the number of flowering sites.

You can also use ignition again alongside your PK boost which will help your plant to metabolise the extra elements leading to larger, heavier crops.

Store away from direct sunlight (& grow lights), between 5 – 25 C. Always replace cap after use.

Once opened use within 6 months for best results.

Use within 2 years of production date (see cap or bottle).