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Plant Magic - Organic Tri Pack

Plant Magic - Organic Tri Pack

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  • Produces outstanding growth and superior fruit
  • Best suited to soil growers, indoors or outside
  • Feeds friendly microbes in the soil
  • Organic feeds produce the best quality
  • Perfect package to test the range
  • Includes 1l bottles of Old Timer Grow/Bloom and PK 4/8
  • Cheaper than purchasing separately

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What is Plant Magic - Organic Tri-Pack?

Plant Magic Organic Tri-Pack is made up of a trio of Plant Magic's organic nutrient range. The Organic Tri-Pack is perfect for anyone looking to grow organically. The Oldtimer Tri-Pack contains everything you need to grow an organic crop that's packed with flavour.

The Tri-Pack includes:

  • Old Timer Organic Grow
  • Old Timer Organic Bloom
  • Old Timer Organic PK 4/8

Plant Magic – Old Timer Organic Grow

With an NPK: 5.0 - 3.0 - 3.0, Grow nutrients contain the perfect ratio to spur vegetative growth including leaves and stems, setting the perfect scene for flower.

Plant Magic – Old Timer Organic Bloom

With an NPK of 3.0 - 5.0 - 4.0 its perfectly suited for the nutritional requirements of flowering plants. Promotes natural flavours, Increases yields and aromas.

Plant Magic - Old Timer Organic PK 4/8

With an NPK value of 0 – 4 – 8, organic pk provides the spike in PK precisely when needed to fuel heavy fruit and flower development.

Suggested additional extras:

Plant Magic Old Timer Granules - More roots = more fruits

How Do I Use Plant Magic Old Timer Organic Nutrients?

Use the grow formula during vegetative growth - while leaves and stems are developing. Use the Bloom formula from the onset of flower through to harvest. Use Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8 after week 4 of the bloom stage feeding until week 7. Organic PK works to boost flower production.

For the best results, use the included plant magic feed schedule. Ensure you shake well and thoroughly mix the nutrients Plant Magic - Organic Tri-Pack

  • Shake bottles well before use
  • Use nutrients and boosters as described on the feedchart
  • Thoroughly mix the nutrient solution/reservoir before feeding to plants


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