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Plant Support Yoyo

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  • Popular plant-training solution
  • Helps support abundant growth
  • Tightens automatically
  • Low stress training technique
  • They extend to 170cm

Yoyo’s are considered a Low Stress Training technique, since they are hooked onto plants causing little stress because the plants don’t have to be bent or broken into shape and do not have to take the time to recover.


Yoyo’s can support the weight of vine-like growth in several different species. Often the fruiting branches of plants can sag from the burden of the weight of the ripening fruit. To keep these tips producing they need to be kept in the light so they can continue to photosynthesis. In this way, plants can continue to produce and put on weight without having to consider the strength of stems.


Yoyo’s can be used as supports to hold a plant upright but can also be used to open a dense plant to enable more light to reach lower down the branches, encouraging more growth along these sections that would otherwise get little light.


You can use as many yo yo's as required, pulling in as many directions as needed. This will support the plants in any way you require and open new sites for growth.


Can be reused again and again, just unhook your plants and you’re ready to install again.