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Plant!T Herb Garden

Plant!T Herb Garden

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  • Supplementary LED halo growing system
  • Low power
  • Self-watering
  • Wicks water/nutrients direct to the roots
  • Perfect for kitchen growing
  • Great presents
  • Perfect for keeping your favourite herbs close at hand

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What is the Plant!T Herb Garden?

The PLANT!T Herb Garden is a practical, self-watering kitchen herb garden growing system that looks great in any setting. It works as an all-in-one system with a low-power, supplementary LED grow light. The supplementary LED allows you to grow from seed, so you can be eating fresh produce in no time.

This beautiful halo LED system lets you grow your favourite herbs and lettuces where you can easily access them in your home. Imagine cutting fresh herbs to add to your favourite dishes.

Benefits of Kitchen Fresh Herbs

It's beneficial for you to use kitchen fresh herbs in moderate quantities in your cooking. They're packed with beneficial compounds. Freshly cut herbs shine with flavours from the abundance of volatile essential oils that diminish over time and through the drying process. This isn't something that you get using dried herbs. Your homemade Pesto gets a new dimension with fresh basil. Za’atar shines with fresh wild thyme and oregano. Chimichurri is a garden kitchen BBQ staple and impresses even more with your own fresh "pride of the kitchen garden": parsley and oregano.

Using green herbs in daily dishes bring you additional vitamins and improved flavours. We're all looking for health benefits and many green herbs/leafy vegetables provide you with a good dose of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps you stay healthy by boosting your energy levels, helping you fight illness. Having fresh herbs on hand, makes eating them really easy so you can find more ways of incorporating them into your everyday dishes.

Easy Access When Going Out Isn't Top of Your List?

You might have a garden kitchen herb garden outside? But, how often have you skipped nipping out, to grab a handful of your favourite fresh herbs, when it's a less than attractive proposition?

When it's cold and dark outside, most of us want easy and accessible, not complicated and long winded.

The Plant!T Herb Garden makes growing fresh herbs available at your fingertips really simple. Having one or more set of herbs growing means you're more likely to get that little vitamin boost that we all need when the days are short, and the sun doesn't shine. They look great and make a conversational piece, if you have friends over for coffee. You can even use them as a source of low cost light, so you can see what you're doing, while you make that evening cup of tea.

Key Benefits for the Plant!t Herb Garden?

The Following points highlight why you need the Plant!T Herb Garden in your life:

  • Simple to use and grow
  • Full spectrum supplementary LED light
  • Self-watering system with water level indicator
  • Easy to remove planting pot

Simple to Use and Grow

This compact system is perfect for your home/kitchen. It allows you to keep fresh herbs and lettuces to hand for cooking. The simple system uses wicking to self water the planting medium from the reservoir. The easy to remove pot is best used with a layer of clay pebbles then filled with compost.

You can grow all your favourite herbs from seed. Simply sow seeds on top of the compost, water them in and leave covered with cling film in a warm spot until they germinate.

Full Spectrum Supplementary LED Light

The Plant!T Herb Garden is designed with a halo that houses the low power supplementary LED light with boost setting. The light cycles through purple and white light to provide full spectrum supplementary light for all stages of the plant's growth and development. If you find the LED is too bright, it's dimmable to suit your needs.

Self Watering System and Water Level Indicator

This clever herb growing system uses a simple wicking system, which allows the Herb Garden to look after itself by only drawing water when the plant requires it. When the indicator level is low, the top of the reservoir has an easily accessible refill port to replenish water / nutrients.

Garden tip: For the best results, use a layer of clay pebbles to act as a barrier to avoid overwatering your media.

Easy to Remove Planting Pot

To make things much easier, the planting pot can be removed from the lighting "halo" stand when potting up or harvesting your plants. This also makes cleaning much easier, before starting with new plants.

The integrated, low-power LED provides a supplemental full spectrum LED grow light with boost setting. The LED can alternate through phases of white and purple light to provide an optimal light cycle for all stages of plant growth and development. The LED can also be dimmed if it is not suitable for your living space.

This compact growing system is perfect for kitchens, where you can quickly snip fresh herbs to add to whatever your cooking. They're also great for or lettuces.

Technical Specifications

(l x w x h)
325 x 150 x 330 mm
Warranty Period 1 year
Input Voltage 24 V DC
(via 3-pin 240 V wall adaptor)
Power 7.5 W
IP Rating IP20

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