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Plantlife Bud Start Powder

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  • Bud Start acts as a reliable source of nutrition
  • Stimulates the creation of bud sites
  • Triggers the Flowering Phase

What is Plantlife Bud Start Powder?

Plantlife Bud Start powder helps with the activation of the flowering stage of a plant when used in conjunction with a Floral Hardener.

Bud Start enables the feeding channels of a plant to swell, which works to expand flowers, allowing a greater fruit mass to be hardened off.

How Do I Use Plantlife Bud Start Powder?

Add Bud Start to your nutrient solution just before the flowering stage in your growing. Bud Start acts as a reliable source of nutrition, while the elevated phosphorous level makes for flowering and a ripening fruit load that’s both fast and healthy.

Simply use one application with short flowering crops such as tomatoes. For longer flowering varieties, such as orchids, you can use two applications.

Plantlife Bud Start Powder helps to elongate initial bud sites on all flowering crops. It also facilitates the earlier ripening of fruiting crops.

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