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Pro Star CFL’s

Pro Star CFL’s

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  • Electrically efficient
  • Low Heat
  • Dependable
  • Internal ballast
  • E40 Fitting

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These Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLS) are manufactured by Advanced star, CFL grow lamps are efficient, low heat output and dependable.


Blue CFL’s are perfect for seedlings, propagation and vegetative stages whilst red CFL’s are more suited for flowering and fruit production. CFL’s have a very high PAR output; the light that is available for plants to use in their photosynthetic processes.


Dual spectrum bulbs contain a mix of red and blue to provide the plant a mixed spectrum, suitable for use throughout a plants life.


CFL’s contain an integrated ballast, so no external ballast is required, all you need is a reflector or light Hanger.


We stock a range of different watts to suit the needs of every garden!


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