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RAM 10L Dehumidifier

RAM 10L Dehumidifier

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  • Reduces the chance of disease
  • Maintains appropriate humidity which is a key factor to success
  • Suitable for rooms with up to 4 lights
  • Capable of removing 10 litres daily
  • Option for continuous drainage
  • Adjustable dehumidifying levels
  • Easy to use – Plug and play


Stop the cause of botrytis and powdery mildew during flower.

During propagation and vegetation, plants can cope with and may grow better with high humidity.

As plants develop and get larger, they transpire more water which can quickly lead to the air in your grow room becoming saturated with water. When the lights go off, temperatures drop, and the air loses its capacity to hold this humidity.

This leads to the saturated humidity in the air condensing on cool plant parts – Your fruit! This moisture is the perfect breeding ground for moulds and mildews which, In the worst case, can devastate an entire crop.

Every indoor gardener has experienced issues with rot at one point in time, particularly towards the end of a cycle after having put in all the work – It’s hard to watch all that effort turn to mush & there’s little a gardener can do once infected.

The RAM 10L Dehumidifier is ideal for controlling the humidity in your growing environment and will prevent damp and mildew which are the root causes of rot. It is easy to operate with a handy electronic display and offers adjustable dehumidifying levels and a quiet mode. The unit can remove up to 10L per day with an option for continuous drainage.

You can channel the runoff back into a reservoir to top it up, recycling the collected water. The unit collects water at 0 EC and PH 7.

Suitable room sizes

The amount this dehumidifier can cope with depends on how much your plants are transpiring. E.g. 6 plants each using 1L per day will transpire that water into the environment for a total of 6L in each 24hr period. In a closed loop system, the entirety of this moisture needs to be removed otherwise it can build up over time and cause issues.

In rooms utilising extraction, you can implement a ‘lung room’ whereby the intake air is first dehumidified before passing the plants. Dehumidifiers can also be handy in tents that extract into the same room. With the addition of a source of CO2 and a dehumidifier, the issues associated with extracting within the same room can be negated.

Suggested Humidity levels:

Propagation: 70 – 90%

Vegetative: 50 – 70%

Flower: 40 – 50%

Ram Dehumidifier Tech Specs

Max Wattage: 300w Net Weight: 10kg


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