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Rockwool Cubes Small Hole - 3 Inch (Box of 480)

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  • Distribute water and nutrients evenly
  • Optimum air/water ratio
  • homogeneity and reliability
  • Uniform plant growth
  • Rapid rooting from plant to block
  • Range of hole sizes to suite every garden

Good rooting is the key to getting your growing up and running successfully so tools to aid this should be part of your cultivation equipment. It's often a fine line between success and failure when you're growing so these Rockwool Cubes may be just what you need.

These Rockwool Cubes distribute the nutrient solution so evenly that excellent continued rooting is achieved. The blocks have an optimum air/water ratio so you get healthy root growth coupled with very good water absorption and re-saturation rate.

Featuring the exclusive Plant Comfort fibre structure this provides you with resistance of lower density during rooting. It also doesn't lose firmness. Most blocks have the Optiplus feature, a unique design on the block's underside that allows excess water to easily drain away.

When you need your plants to establish secure roots, Rockwool Cubes can deliver for you.

"Small hole" cubes fit 2.5cm/1inch propagation solutions such as 150 cubes.

"Big hole" cubes can fit the larger size 3.5cm 77 rockwool propagation.

You can fit other propagation solutions such as jiffys and root it cubes into the small hole sizes.

The 6" cubes come with both a large and a small hole, so you can fit your plant in whatever propagation technique you've used

More Information
Cable Length 2.5M
Size Buddhas Tree Coco A+B 10L
Weight for Delivery 2