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Roof Qube Tent Range

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  • Designed for spaces with low ceilings
  • Powder coated, Strong bright green metal 16mm steel poles.
  • Metal corners with easy click and connect for increase robustness.
  • Hanging weight of more than 100kg
  • XREFLECT diamond cut Mylar
  • Waterproof, military 10 gauge zips

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The Roof-Qube grow tent has been specifically developed for low ceiling height applications, including attics and basements!

The ORIGINAL Roof-Qube has a lower height of 1.8m and an angular roof of 42 degrees to neatly slot into lofts and roof spaces.

If you are looking for quality and durability then opt for the ORIGINAL Roof-Qube. They've included several features:

A strong frame due to the super strength steel poles (16 mm) and corners which can support more than 100kg.

Double zips for ease of access and keeping the tent light tight.

Roof-Qube have covered the internal surface with XREFLECT diamond cut Mylar for ultra reflectivity with fewer hotspots, creating a more uniform environment for your plants.

like Green-Qube grow tents, the Roof-Qube was built to last.

Packed with cutting-edge and industry-leading features you are assured the very best of everything from features to components to design and materials with the ORIGINAL Roof-Qube.

Designed and engineered by leading hydroponic experts, the focus of Roof-Qube grow tents has always been strength, quality components and innovative design. No corners have been cut with the original Roof-Qube, you simply get the best of the best.

The message is simple: Quality + Durability at affordable Prices.


Roof Qube Specs:

Roof Qube (RQ120)


 Roof Qube (RQ150)

Roof Qube 150 Tech Specs

Roof Qube (RQ1224)

Roof Qube 1224

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