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RTA Control Unit

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  • Take control of your DIY dripper system

  • Periodically pumps from the brain to your chosen output

  • Easy to expand

  • Suitable for any size garden

  • Pair with RTA stands, Air Pots and Topspin for a drain to waste dripper system

Take control of your Run to Anywhere (RTA) system – The control unit allows waste water to be held in the brain until the float valve is triggered which pumps the contents of the control unit to your chosen location – A drain, toilet or back to your reservoir.

The RTA Control Unit is fitted with an internal float and a Maxijet MJ1000 pump. Once the float switch is triggered by rising water inside the brain the pump is activated and the water is pumped to your chosen location.

With an RTA control unit, your waste pipe doesn’t have to be plumbed in the entire time, so you can let your waste water build up until you have some free time to dispose of it, giving you more time to care for plants.

  • Microprocessor controlled prevents false activation
  • Pump lift 1.45m
  • 6 Inputs that can be increased with manifolds or T’s

How to Use:

You can use the RTA control Unit with a number of DIY Trays, Stands and Saucers, including RTA Stands and Danish Trays.

Make sure your control brain is at the same or lower level vertically than the pots – The used nutrient relies on gravity to bring it to the control unit.

We can help you design your own RTA dripper system for whatever size space and however many plants you require – Get in contact with us on 0800 085 7995 or email us.