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RTA Stand Drilled with Sealing Gland

RTA Stand Drilled with Sealing Gland

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  • Accommodates 6, 10, 15 & 20ltr Air-Pot containers.
  • Dimensions: 395x395mm
  • Volume: 6ltrs
  • Drilled with sealing gland


The RTA Stand has been purposely designed for use with the Air-Pot. It allows the run off from the Air-Pot container to drain away conveniently and then be re circulated or run to waste. The RTA stand can be used individually or linked together to form a multi pot system.

The stand also act as an insulator so you can keep plants warmer during winter on cold floors or colder during summer - improving the health and yield on your plants.

How to Use:

Run to Anywhere (RTA) stands use gravity to drain run-off away so your plants will never sit in excess water - Avoiding waterlogging issues.

They're versatile, you can expand or remove pots from the system easily and RTA stands can be used in small and large set-ups with all substrates.

The stand is supplied with a sealing gland but you'll need a IWS Tee for each RTA stand you intend to use as well as enough Flexi-16mm pipe to connect your pots and an IWS elbow for the last pot in a run.


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