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SANlight Q-Series Gen 2 LED Grow Light

SANlight Q-Series Gen 2 LED Grow Light

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  • Limited Time Special Offer Only
  • New, improved OSRAM 2 mm² LED chips
  • Excellent fixture efficiency of 2.55µmol/W
  • Revised PMMA Optics (50% reduction in loss)
  • Quality Wieland IP65 Connectors
  • Optimised passive cooling heat sinks
  • Optional Dimmer and Sunrise Simulation
  • Ready to upgrade
  • 90% light output after 100,000 hours
  • 3-year manufacturers guarantee


What is the SANlight Gen 2 Q-Series LED grow light?

SANlight developed and built these high-end, second generation Q-Series LED grow lights in-house. Their aim is to be the most efficient grow light on the market.

Gen 2 Q-Series LED grow lights suit everyone from commercial operators to small-scale growers in spaces down to half a metre squared. Q-Series grow lights can be daisy-chained from a distributor block and run from household plug sockets.

Q-Series LED grow lights offer game changing savings with significant potential reductions against HPS lights. Savings include electrical usage and heat load across your system.

SANlight Gen 2 Q-Series LED Features

The Gen-2 Q-Series grow lights use the latest Osram 2 mm² LEDs. These LEDs offer an optimised broad light spectrum with a market leading efficiency of 2.7µmol/W.

Reduced Light Loss

Revised secondary PMMA optics protect LEDs from dirt. They also guide 95% of emitted photons over the cultivation area at a 90 degree beam angle. This reduces any potential losses, evenly illuminating your grow space.

Passive Cooling

The optimised heat sinks passively cool the LED chips to below 70°C. Passive cooling expels heat to the atmosphere, eliminating mechanical failures that fan cooled systems can suffer.

Ready To Upgrade

With built in future proofing, the SANlight Gen 2 Q-Series LED grow lights may be the last light fixtures you ever need to buy. The light modules can be upgraded with the latest technology as soon as it's developed and released to market.

Ready To Dim

The optional ‘plug and play’ magnetic dimmer, allows you to scale down each light's output for the early stages of your plants’ life cycle. Sunrise Simulation gradually raises illumination levels at start up for a more natural effect.

SANlight have designed the second generation Q-Series to offer the right solution for a variety of requirements, from hobby to commercial gardeners. They've designed two ways of configuring your light or lighting setup, each of which can be scaled up depending on the size of your available cultivation space.

The Eco and Expert Setups

The Eco setup is designed to maximise cost efficiency whilst the Expert setup focuses on maximising your harvest, both in terms of scale and quality. You can read a full break down of each of these setups over on our blog, as well as a guide to making the most of your Q-series grow lights.

The full range of accessories are also available for the SANlight Gen 2 Q-Series, please see below:

Each Q-Series lamp requires a power lead (sold separately) to operate.


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