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Opticlimate units are able to control temperatures, humidity, air circulation and air filtration all in one unit. Opticlimates allow you to obtain and maintain the perfect conditions for the growth of indoor plants. Offering control over growroom variables through any range, allowing the replication of any type of climate, allowing you to replicate conditions to suite any number of species.

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When looking at the various options of opticlimate, look at the model number of the unit as this is the total wattage of lighting the unit has been designed for. a 3500 opticlimate can cool 3500w of equipment, so 5 x 600w lights, with an additional 500w to cool grow room equipment.

Opticlimate 6000 works on a room with 10 x 600 Watt lights or 15 x 400 Watt lights, the OptiClimate 10000 suits a room with 16 x 600 Watt lights or and the OptiClimate 15000 suits a room with 24 x 600 Watt lights. Different wattage lights can be used but the total capacity of the opticlimate you choose needs to be matched to the lights.

Opticlimate units are available in the above wattages in two different types:

Air-Cooled, split unit

Split units have the main unit thats housed in or near your indoor garden and another smaller unit that needs to be externally mounted, similar to an air conditioning system. Air is cooled in the external unit and passed through a hose to the larger unit where it cools the heat produced from the lights.

Water cooled single unit

Water cooled units are a lot more discreet but need to be directly plumbed into your water system. They can be a lot cheaper to run if your water costs are fixed but they do use a lot of water so if you're on a meter the costs can stack up quickly. We like the water cooled units as theres no need to apply for planning permission with your local council, so it's just a case of setting up the unit in your indoor garden.