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Silver and White Lightite

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  • Light proof
  • 97% reflective
  • 1.25m wide

Silver Lightite sheeting is a premium reflective sheeting which provides maximum reflection, while being completely light proof.

Silver White Lightite is a silver reflector, applied to a gloss white/triple layered grow sheet. Lightite silver white grow sheets offer optimum light return and 100% light proof properties. PET coated to protect against corrosion and wear.

Silver Lightite sheeting is 5 layers thick to ensure a complete blackout. Offering 97% reflectance.

British Made.

All our foils and sheeting are British made and provide the highest quality sheeting at competitive prices.


How to use

Simply line the space you wish to use with the sheeting; making sure there is an overlap between each sheet. You can attach the sheet to a structure with aluminium tape for temporary solutions or with staples for more permanent spaces.


Any holes or spaces between sheets will allow leakage and not optimally reflect light back into the room, so the whole space should be covered.