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Slimline Water Butt - 100 Litre (With Tap & Lid)

Slimline Water Butt - 100 Litre (With Tap & Lid)

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  • Green coloured to blend in with the garden
  • 100-litre water butt with tap
  • Small footprint and slimline
  • Measuring: 97 cm (H) x 35 cm (W)

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What is the Slimline Water Butt - 100 Litre?

The Slimline Water Butt is ideal for harvesting and storing rainwater or reusing water from other sources. This space-saving water butt is great for any gardener. It'll help you by saving you time, space and money.

Why Do I Need a Slimline Water Butt?

If you have a small garden or limited space, then this small footprint, slimline water butt with 100-litre capacity is ideal. It measures 97 cm high x 35 cm wide and comes with a lid and a tap at the bottom.

The lid helps to keep the water butt clean and free from dust and other loose garden materials, like leaves. The bottom tap makes drawing water very easy.

Totally constructed from recycled plastic, you can attach this 100-litre water butt to both round and square downpipes.

Use with a separate water butt stand to elevate it for use with automatic watering systems or watering timers to gravity feed water and nutrients.

Garden tip:

  • If kept outside or in very cold areas, prone to freezing, it is better to empty the water butt during very cold spells in winter. This will avoid frozen water expanding and causing cracks.

Garden Water Butt Uses

Rainwater is free and it makes sense to harvest it. Using this garden water butt with a downpipe diverter will capture water from any roof with guttering. Watering with rain water is a great alternative to using tap water and your garden hosepipe.


Size 100 Litre Water Butt with Tap & Lid
Weight for Delivery 2.7

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