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SMS Nutrimatic Feed Timer

SMS Nutrimatic Feed Timer

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  • Adjustable Capacity Max 2000 watt
  • Input 230/240V Phase
  • Frequency 50H


Drip irrigation systems can help you to carefully control your plant’s feeding regime – but plants require more frequent feeds at the start of their day than at the end, and that can mean almost constant attention. The SMS Nutrimatic Feed Timer is part pre-programmed pump, which can adjust the frequency of irrigation cycles to match your plant’s requirements so you can stop worrying. You simply need to select either the 12/12 or 18/6 light cycle and the timer will allow 20 feeds per cycle, allowing for more regular feeds when the lights first come on and moving to less frequent doses before the lights go out to allow plants to absorb water an nutrients effectively. All you need to do is decide how long you want each dose to last and the timer will take care of how often doses need to be administered.


Brand SMS
Input (V) 230/240 - 50Hz
Power (W) 2000W
Weight for Delivery 3

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