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Hot Box Sulphur Sulfume Vaporiser

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  • Excellent preventative measure against moulds and many garden pests
  • Clever design means that only vapour is released – no burning
  • Best used in the dark period when garden extraction is switched off
  • Can hold enough sulphue to last many night-time treatments
  • Non-toxic to humans and does not affect growth of plants
  • Effective in rooms up to 100 m2

The Shield Sulphur Vaporiser is one of the best ways to prevent pests and moulds getting a hold in your grow-room.

Sulphur combines two methods of pest removal for maximum effect.

can be used as a treatment for heavy infestations or as a preventative measure if bugs haven’t become established.

The Shield Vapouriser slowly releases sulphur vapour which inhibits the spread of powdery mildew, botrytis and pests such as spider mites.

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