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Sun system 315w LEC Light Kit

Sun system 315w LEC Light Kit

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  • Highest performance from a 315 CDM Lamp
  • Uniform spread of light over a 1.2 x 1.2m area
  • Produces a spectrum similar to daylight (>90 CRI)
  • 98% reflective German aluminium inserts
  • Excellent Intensity, spectrum, uniformity and diffusion
  • Up to 27% more effective than super nova type reflectors with CDM lamps
  • 2 variants to suit vegetative or floral growth

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The Sun System 315w LEC reflector is the best shade for 315w lamps available on the market today. It provides the highest reflectance of any 315w reflector in an extremely uniform footprint.

The Lamp is held in a vertical position, so there’s an even spread of light with a reduced chance of burning the growing tips of plants from intense heat or light.

You can choose the lamp this kit is supplied with:

> The Philips 930 (Red) lamp which produces an impressive 1.9 micromoles (µmol) per Watt and is better suited for floral growth or as standalone lighting.

> The Philips 942 (Blue) lamp which produces 1.7 micromoles (µmol) per Watt and is better suited for vegetative growth or as supplemental lighting.

The light produced by both options is comprised of quite a broad spectrum when compared to traditional HID lighting, culminating in a higher yielding, better quality crop.

graph showing foorprint of LEC reflector

The reflector measures 46cm(L) x 46cm(W) x 22cm(H) so you'll be able to mount your reflector as close to your ceiling space as required. The sun system 315w CDM is a versatile light that can be used to illuminate anywhere from 75 x 75cm to 120 x 120cm footprint with great results.

When you first switch on your 315w lighting kit, make sure you leave it on for at least 15 minutes to let the mix of metals inside the lamp properly fuse. Failure to properly ‘bed’ your lamp will result in the warranty being voided and could lead to the lamp failing.

If you’re having trouble installing your lamp into the reflector, make sure that it’s around the correct way as one of the connections is a different shape, preventing the lamp from being installed incorrectly.


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