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Sunblaster CFL 13w Green Lamp and B27 Adapter

Sunblaster CFL 13w Green Lamp and B27 Adapter

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  • SunBlaster 13 watt green compact fluorescent bulbs fit into a variety of light fixtures such as trouble lights, table lamps, wall sconces and track lights
  • With SunBlaster Green Work Lights you can see while you work, without interrupting your plants light cycle
  • fit these bulbs directly into your light socket thanks to the included B27 Adapter


Highly portable and beautifully made green lamps!

The Sunblaster CFL 13W Green Lamps have been developed to work without flickering, provide a high output and self-ballast. These factors ensure that your plants won’t be woken during their night cycle and that energy consumption is minimalised. The bulbs themselves have been designed for commercial and hobbyist horticulture alike, allowing growers to easily check on and alter the setup as is needed without interrupting the plants.

The Sunblaster CFL output at a brightness of 1,100 lumens which are perfect for working on all projects. The bulbs have been developed to be used in both interior and exterior environments alike, being useful in greenhouses for night lighting or for times when white light could be directly detrimental for a plant’s well-being.

Able to fit into a variety of fixtures including track lights, table lamps, wall sconces and trouble lights, the Sunblaster CFL can be easily adapted for whatever situation it is needed for. They’re incredibly cost-effective, and will easily outpace any other incandescent bulb out there, outliving them with 10,000 hours of lifespan. The lifespan matches up to a 60w incandescent bulb, but amazing it only draws 13 watts or 220mA.

  • - Dimensions 4.4” x 2”
  • - Screws into any standard light socket or trouble light
  • - Incredibly portable
  • - Comes with a B27 Adapter


Cable Length 2.5M
Weight for Delivery 0.1

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