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Air-Pots Range

Air-Pots Range

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  • Revolutionary design creates a root system impossible in standard pots
  • Actively enhances the growth and health of plants
  • Air pruning encourages development of root mass
  • Superior Aeration and drainage
  • Less root deformation when compared with fabric pots
  • Pots can be reused for up to 10 years


Air-Pots use a perforated, dimpled, recycled plastic with a design that leads the growing tips of roots towards the holes. The roots that reach these holes are ‘air pruned’ causing the growth of new tips back along the main root. The growing tips uptake nutrients much better than established roots, with air pruning increasing the amount of these hair-like tips, thus increasing the uptake of your plants, allowing you to grow stronger plants in a shorter amount of time.


Air pruning also has the effect of reducing the amount of root circling around the sides of the pot. This causes the root tips to grow inside the medium rather than up against the sides of the pot. More of the medium gets filled with roots.


These pots are rigid and can therefore be moved without disturbance to the root zone. Similar products that use a fabric container can deform when picked up, this can cause the roots to fracture forcing the plant to regrow these roots before continuing. Fabric pots can only be reused for a few cycles but these Air pots can last longer than 10 years due to their robust construction.


Air-pots are a revolution in soil-grown horticulture, with long-standing research and conservation projects such as the royal botanical gardens in Kew and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park utilising the new technology to grow several species of plants and trees. The technology is not limited to soil and can be operated in various hydroponic systems too.


Using the Air-Pot couldn’t be easier; They are shipped flat packed and are simple to install. All you should do is wrap the perforated black plastic around the coloured base, making sure the side with no holes is at the top to guarantee easier watering. You then fix this in place with the included screws. When you have finished using the pots, they can be de-constructed for effortless storage.


 How To Use Air-Pot Containers


The revolutionary design of the Air-Pot container actively enhances the growth and health of plants. This short video explains how it works.


Seeds & Salads

Air-Pot Seed Trays are perfect for herbs and salads either in the greenhouse or outside the kitchen door. Providing you with fresh organic greens all through the year.


Air-Pot From Seed

The unique design of the Air-Pot container transforms the quality of plants right from germination



To make good compost you need healthy bacteria, which thrive in a well aerated environment . Air-Pot innovative plastic composter is designed to encourage air flow all round the walls as well as up from the base of
the compost heap. It looks good, is simple to assemble and lasts for years. Like all Air-Pot containers it is made from 100% recycled plastic.


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