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Superpro DDAC-1 Deluxe Digital Atmosphere Controller

Superpro DDAC-1 Deluxe Digital Atmosphere Controller

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  • Features a remote sensor assembly that measures temperature, humidity, CO2 PPM, and light all in a small water-resistant enclosure that can be located up to 5 meters from the main controller enclosure.
  • FOUR separate power outlets used to connect external devices such as fans, CO2 generators, heaters and dehumidifiers. Each external device easily connects to the unit creating a simple and user friendly "plug & play" set up
  • Simple-to-understand pushbutton settings and a green LED display. DDAC-1 may look complicated to the novice grower, but do not be intimidated it is VERY easy to use


If you want a top-of-the-line digital atmosphere controller, look no further. The Superpro DDAC-1 Deluxe Digital Atmosphere Controller has been carefully developed to ensure all your growing conditions are handled with extreme precision and precise control. The intuitive design of the Superpro means you don't need to be a pro to understand how it works - it's simple, just enter your desired settings and the Superpro takes care of the rest.

And how does it do this? The Superpro DDAC-1 Deluxe Digital Atmosphere Controller features several precision sensors that measure the exact humidity, lighting and temperature levels. These sensors then pass that data back to the Superpro itself and it controls the entire setup - the fans, the dehumidifers, the heaters, the air conditioning and any CO2 PPM equipment you have in your system.

  • Features a LED-display with push button settings designed for ease-of-use.
  • Each unit comes pre-programmed with recommended settings but can be customised as desired.
  • Comes complete with a remote sensor assembly and four individual power outlets for connectivity to external devices.
  • With Remote Monitoring Software, data can be sent to your PC or laptop, giving you access to change conditions on-the-fly remotely.
  • Specifications

    Amps 15-amp / 120 or 10-amp / 240
    CO2 Accuracy +/- 75 PPM
    CO2 Range 380 to 2500 PPM
    Dimensions (L x W x D) 250 x 240 x 120 mm
    Humidity Control Range 5% to 95% rH
    Humidity Accuracy ±3% RH
    Humidity Dead-band Hysteresis adjustable
    Input (V) 120 Volts AC or 240 Volts AC
    Remote COMBO Probe Cable Length 15 ft
    Temperature Accuracy +/- 1º C
    Waterproofing Grade IP20
    Weight for Delivery 2.5

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