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T5 Propagation Lamps

T5 Propagation Lamps

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  • T5 Fluorescent tubes maintain lumen output longer and generally cost less than HID lamps
  • LightWave T5 lights can be hung vertically or horizontally
  • LightWave T5 will support both the growth/veg stage and bloom/flowering stage


Lamps designed and developed for peak performance

Perhaps you need small scale, perhaps you need large, no matter the level of propagation you need, the T5 LightWave Grow Lights have you covered! Coming with cool blue lamps, these lights will easily get your crops through the vegetative stages of growth and it’s easy to add the red lamps needed to push your plants into flowering or fruiting stages.

Because of the beautiful aesthetic appeal of these lamps, the LightWave T5’s are ideal for lighting floral displays and because they emit very little heat, they’re much safer than other units and can be placed very close to the plants without having to worry about scorching the plant. In addition, compared to traditional HID lighting systems, they have an extremely low power consumption.

  • - Emits 4,450 lumens of light.
  • - Replacement units are available in both red 2700k and blue 6500k, 24w or 54w.


Brand T5
Lumen Output 4,450
Power (W) 24W or 54W
Red 2700K
Blue 6500K

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