Telos Remote Ballast Cable 3m

Telos Remote Ballast Cable 3m

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  • Allows you to run drivers external to the grow room
  • Cooler Grow room temperatures
  • Makes grow light thinner and lighter for installation
  • Perfect for vertical set-ups or spaces with low height
  • Twist lock ensures a secure connection

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Want to run your Telos ballast outside your grow room?

Then you’ll need these remote ballast extension cables.

LED’s run much cooler than their traditional counterparts, but there is still some heat generated by the ballast, which converts your electrical supply (220v-240v in the UK) to a much lower voltage. In doing so, there are some inefficiencies which are released as heat.

While the heat produced is negligible compared to traditional lighting methods including HID, If heat is a concern in your indoor garden, mounting the ballasts externally can really help bring down the space by a few degrees, which could get your plants right in the sweet spot for temperature, showing in increased end yields and more aroma.

Externally mounting your light’s ballasts is especially important in larger rooms using several lights, as well as vertical gardens to save space.

Cable is 3m long


Brand Telos

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