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Thermohygrometer With Remote Sensor

Thermohygrometer With Remote Sensor

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  • Min/Max. Functions
  • Displays temperature & humidity.
  • Record between 0-50 degrees Celsius and Humidity up to 99%.


A standard hygrometer measures the humidity of the air or of a gas, while a thermohygrometer displays both the temperature and the humidity at the same time. Internal sensors also permit the recording of both minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity readings so that you can judge the range, and make any necessary adjustments to the environment you want to control. Measurements that fall between nought and 50 degrees Celsius are taken, and relative humidity readings of up to 99%. While ideal for plant growers who are keen to control growing conditions in BudBox Grow Tents, for example, thermohygrometers are also useful for helping families to gauge humidity in their homes and for organisations to check out environmental conditions in offices, factories or shops. Environmental factors are known to affect productivity, so a smart employer will take steps to optimise good working conditions – and this clever thermohygrometer can help.

  • Displays both the temperature & humidity simultaneously.
  • Record betwen 0-50 degrees Celsius & Humidity up to 99%.
  • Helps to optimise growing conditions and improve the annual yield.
  • Specifications

    Brand Century Grow Systems
    Battery 1.5V AAA
    Battery Life 10,000 hours
    Dimensions (L x W x D) 20 x 100 x 110mm
    Display Dual custom LCD
    Humidity Control Range 10 to 99% RH
    Humidity Accuracy ±5% RH
    Humidity Resolution 1% RH
    Temperature Resolution and Accuracy 0.1°C/°F - ±1°C
    Temperature Range 0 to 50°C
    Weight for Delivery 8

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