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TopSpin – 16mm Dripper Manifold

TopSpin – 16mm Dripper Manifold

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  • High quality Dripper Manifold
  • Start or extend your Drip Irrigation System
  • Each TopSpin comes with 12 x 1M Dripper
  • Flexible, versatile system
  • Link several together for a larger application
  • Modular: Suitable for any Garden size
  • Available with a ‘T’ or Elbow fitting
  • Suitable for use with all substrates

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Create your own bespoke dripper system, whatever size garden.

Start or extend your Drip Irrigation System with this TopSpin Dripper Manifold with 16mm fittings. You choose between a ‘T’ and an Elbow fitting.

The TopSpin System offers gardeners a high quality, flexible system to deliver a Drip-Feed of your chosen Nutrients. The TopSpin is pressure regulated to ensure an equal amount of Nutrients will be delivered from each of its 12 x 1M Dripper Lines, ensuring all of your plants are fed an equal amount every irrigation period. Depending on the layout, each TopSpin can cover up to a 2m x 2m area.

You can install a Top Spin Dripper system in any medium; Rockwool, Clay balls, Coco, Perlite, Grow stones, Soil or any mix of these! One solution to any automatic irrigation requirement. Your plants will thrive as they come to expect irrigations, getting a better mix of Nutrients and Aeration through feeding little and often.

Each Dripper Line has a 2L/Hr Dripper Stake and it can either be used on its own with a suitable sized Pump or you can choose to add it to an existing system. Up to a maximum of four TopSpin Manifolds can be powered using a 2000L/Hr Pump.

With Topspin Manifold’s, it’s simple to calculate the amount of Nutrients you need per plant or per growing area, to match the plants requirements for the best quality and quantity possible.

The TopSpin is suitable for novices up to master gardeners as the system can be used standalone or alternatively commercial growers or gardeners with a sizeable crop to feed may prefer to link several together for larger, commercial scale applications.

How to Use Topspin Manifolds:

TopSpin's need a Pump to operate; The more Topspin’s you’re using in your system, the bigger pump you’ll need. As a general rule, Each Topspin requires a Pump rated for 500L per hour, you can connect up to a maximum of four TopSpin Manifolds using a 2000L per hour Pump. Maxijet Pumps are suitable for smaller projects using one or two TopSpins. For larger gardens, you will need a NewaJet Pump or an Aquaking Submersible Pump for commercial scale gardens. This is only a guide as pressure drops the more pipework and fittings you have on a system.

You’ll also require enough 16mm Flexi-Pipe or 13.5mm Iceline Insulated Pipe to go from the Pump to the TopSpin and to connect each additional TopSpin unit in line. A 16mm Stop End should be used on the last TopSpin in the system, or a TopSpin with an elbow fitting.

All systems will also perform more consistently with a 16mm In-Line Filter located between the pump and the first Top Spin being used making your setup less prone to blockages and clogs, ensuring a longer trouble free service life.

When creating a system with TopSpin’s, you can allow for 2 Drippers to each plant so if one of the lines get blocked, the plant will still get delivered feed – avoiding complete loss.

The TopSpin will deal with Nutrient solution delivery but you will require a way of removing run off, such as Danish Trays or an RTW Table.


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