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Torus PH Perfect 35 Gallon – 140 L

Torus PH Perfect 35 Gallon – 140 L

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  • Maintain the perfect pH for your plants!
  • Up to 6 months use before recharge
  • Less frequent maintenance visits to your garden.
  • re-chargeable with cleaning solution
  • Available in several sizes to suite every garden.


Maintain pH in the optimal range to facilitate your plants growth!

The perfectpH is a revolutionary pH stabilizer that automatically balances the pH of your hydroponics system, keeping it in the ideal range for optimal nutrient uptake.

Using next generation ionization technology, the perfectpH eliminates excess pH swing that inhibits plant growth and weakens the plants’ immune system. Eliminate chemical buffers, frequent reservoir changes, pests, wasted water and nutrients, and dramatically increase yields with the same technology used by NASA.

PH maintenance is an essential factor in any hydroponics setup. Without the plants being naturally rooted in the ground, excess alkalinity builds up in the system, creating a toxic environment for the plants. The perfectpH solves this by removing the positively-charged ions that cause this build up, creating the perfect pH environment for your plants.

The PerfectpH by torus hydro will allow you to leave your garden for longer without intervention; you won’t have to make special visits to check on the pH and add some pH down when the nutrient solution has drifted up.

The PerfectPH doesn’t just keep your ph stable either – It fluctuates across the optimal range, allowing plants to uptake all the nutrition they require for stunning results!

We supply 3 sizes that will suite all growers – whether you’ve got a single large tank or multiple smaller ones there will be a PH perfect to suite your garden.

The science

perfectpH makes use of advanced ion exchange technology, proven by NASA to stabilize plant pH with no toxic effects, and to approximately double yield rates. (Purdue University, Department of Horticulture, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1165, United States - 1993)

In order for your plant’s roots to uptake the nutrients essential for growth, a slightly acidic to neutral pH range is required. When the pH travels outside of this zone you will experience “nutrient lockout” where the plants do not absorb the nutrients properly, stunting the plants growth and disrupting their immune systems.

Plant roots in the earth’s soil can naturally buffer against problems such as excess alkalinity by dissipating a build-up of H+ ions into the ground. When they are taken out of this environment, such as with indoor hydroponic systems, this build-up of positive charged ions creates unstable conditions which veteran and amateur growers alike have likely experienced.

The Torus Hydro perfectpH captures and separates these harmful positive ions from concentrating in your mixture and provides the ideal atmosphere for growth.

How to use:

Simply drop into your reservoir and watch your plants thrive.

To keep Perfectph in working order, you need to refresh the powder inside the unit with the refreshing solution, which re-balances the unit’s chemistry.

The PerfectPh needs refreshing every 6 months to keep in working order


Size PH Perfect 35 Gallon – 140 L

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