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Uvonair Ozone Generators

Uvonair Ozone Generators

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  • Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms, to eliminate smells from sources such as plants, pets, cooking, and smoke
  • Uvonair are high output Corona Discharge generators that produce more ozone than any others known at this time
  • Uvonair Corona Discharge Ozonators may be installed into other size ducts with adapters. Set the adjustable output by monitoring the exhaust air for odours.


One of nature’s most effective oxidizing agents is ozone - an essential element and vital to ensure growing areas stay healthy and mould free. The Uvonair Ozone Generators are professional quality odour eliminators that generate ozonem which changes the molecular structure of micro-organisms and gets rid of nasty smells. Ozone also kill off mildew, mould spores and bacteria, creating a healthier growing environment. The Uvonair systems are high output Corona Discharge generators that produce a stable 3000mg of ozone/hour, a greater output of ozone than other models, and it manage to do it using just 60w of power, making them incredibly efficient too.


The CD-1000-1 is intended for a room size of 20,000 cu. ft. (600 m3)

The CD-1000-2 is intended for a room size of 40,000 cu. ft. (1200 m3)

The CD-1200 2 is intended for a room size of 100,000 cu. ft. (3000 m3)


Eliminate unpleasant odours such as tobacco smoke, mould, mildew and pet odours at source.


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