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Veg + Bloom Push Foliar Spray

Veg + Bloom Push Foliar Spray

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  • Elevates the demand for cell division
  • Increases Nutrient uptake
  • Increases vigour and speed of growth
  • A little goes a long way

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Feed nutrition through the stems and leaves.

Foliar feeding is often overlooked by gardeners, but studies show that plants can uptake foliar feeds much more effectively than root fed nutrient solutions. Why miss out on the opportunity and use Push to Push your plants!

Containing plant available silica, calcium, kelp extracts, hormones and root extracted surfactants, Push is able to increase the plants demand for cell division, leading to faster green growth during the vegetative period and strong, compact plants at the start of flower leading to plants that are able to yield more come harvest time.


Plant derived hormones increase cell division while simultaneously providing Calcium and Silica for strong growth. Reduces time required for veg phase. INCREASED SAP FLOW Easy foliar application of PUSH increases plant vigour and maximizes quality of new growth with the lights on… or off.


Engineered for easy application, add 50ml/Gal (covers up to 8 KW of canopy). Most products require a sticker spreader or surfactant to maximize adsorption, PUSH is all in one.

How to use Veg + Bloom – Push Foliar

Mix 50ml of Veg + Bloom – Push into 1 gallon (4 L) clean, PH 7 water, mix and spray evenly over plants or submerge the entire plant in solution.

Use throughout the entire vegetative period and for the first 2 weeks of flower until flowers start to form.

Spray while lights are on or off! There’s a surfactant included so plants are able to absorb the moisture so quickly, the droplets won’t act as lenses.


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