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Growmax Water Filters

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  • 2-stage water filtration
  • Removes contaminants
  • Faster growing plants and gardens
  • Healthier fruits and vegetables
  • Strengthens plant roots
  • Protects soils, great for organics
  • Can be mounted on a wall
  • Requires no input other than water pressure
  • Comes complete with all fixtures and fittings

2-Stage Water Filters

Growmax 2-stage water filters are great tools to add to your garden. The filter helps growers by immediately eliminating 99% of chlorine, that can harm/kill beneficial microbes in the root zone, and reducing sediments down to 5 microns.


  • Chlorine, sediment, dirt, rust, oxidation, herbicides and pesticides, volatile organic contaminants
  • Chemical contaminants (Benzenes, Toluene, oils, THM's, detergents and PCB's etc.)

The Eco Grow 240 litre provides up to 240 litres/h, perfect for indoor plants and small patios. The Garden Grow 480 Litre is capable of supplying 480 litres/h, suitable for larger indoor or outdoor gardens.

Benefits of Using a 2-Stage Water Filter?

Water Filters allow you to purify your water, straight from the tap. Tap water is treated with Chlorine and Chloramine to disinfect it and keep it free from harmful bacteria for human consumption. Used untreated, tap water chemicals are harmful to the beneficial microbial life (fungi and bacteria) in your plant's root zone (rhizosphere). It can affect or halt your plants development in both soil and hydroponic applications. The correct use of filtered water can eliminate this harmful effect, leading to faster growing, healthier plants.

By using a water filter, you will see improved results:

  • Stabilised pH with higher nutrient concentration
  • Improved nutrient uptake, bigger plants with stronger roots & better fruits
  • Healthier root zone with better environment for friendly microorganisms and bacteria
  • Improved photosynthesis with reduced stress levels
  • Fewer dissolved contaminants avoids issues with mineral deposits on lights and filters - better performance

  • NOTE: 2-stage water filters are not designed to reduce part per million (PPM) levels of dissolved salts/contaminants, like reverse osmosis units. If this is something you wanted to consider, you can either use RO water on its own or use it to dilute the PPM of filtered water to an acceptable level. For a more detailed overview, contact to our in-store experts.


    Using Growmax Water Filters

    Garden tip:

    • The filter unit operates with mains pressure to a maximum of 80 psi. Water pressures over 80 psi require you to fit a pressure regulator to reduce pressure to an acceptable level.

    Filtering is a two-stage process:

    • Stage 1: Water passes through the 5-micron sediment filter, removing most unwanted visible solids.
    • Stage 2: Water passes through a solid activated carbon block to remove: Chlorine, Benzenes, Herbicides, Toluene, pesticides, oils, volatile organic contaminants and PCBs.

    GrowMax Eco Grow Water Filter removes:

    • 99% of chlorine
    • 90% of sediment particles above 5 microns

    Simply install the inlet pipe onto a garden tap or faucet and connect to the filter inlet with the supplied tubing.

    You can now connect the unit to your garden hose using the outlet and another piece of tubing, alternatively, you can run the tubing directly to your garden.

    Before using the filter system, you need to flush out any particulates by running water through the unit for 5 minutes.