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Growmax Water Filters

Growmax Water Filters

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  • 2 stage water filtration
  • Removes contaminants
  • Faster growing plants and gardens.
  • Healthier fruits and vegetables.
  • Strengthens plant roots.
  • Protects soils, great for organics
  • Can be mounted on a wall
  • Requires no input other than water pressure
  • Comes complete with all fixtures and fittings


2 stage filter systems with optimum flow for garden use. Eliminates 99% of chlorine and reduces sediment down to 5 microns. immediately!


Removes:Chlorine, Sediment, dirt, rust, oxidation Herbicides and Pesticides, Volatile organic Contaminants (Chemical Contaminants, Benzenes, Toluene, Oils, THM’s, Detergents, PCB’s)


The Eco Grow 240 Litre is perfect for indoor plants and small patios while the Garden Grow 480 Litre is capable of supplying twice as much water than the Eco Grow model and is suitable for larger indoor or outdoor gardens.


Water Filters allow you to increase the purity of your water, straight from the tap. State Water municipalities often add chlorine and fluorine, which when used straight from the tap can be harmful to the beneficial fungi and bacteria in plants roots rhizospheres in both soil and hydroponic applications. The use of filtered water can reduce this harmful effect, leading to faster growing healthier plants.


Water Filters are not designed to reduce part per million (PPM) of contaminants like reverse osmosis units



How to use

This unit should not be used with water pressure above 90psi


Simply install the inlet pipe onto a garden tap or faucet and connect this to the unit with a length of 3/8” tubing.


You can now connect the unit to your garden hose using the outlet and another piece of 3/8” tube.

alternatively, you can run the 3/8” tube directly to your garden.


Before using the system, you need to flush out any particulates by turning the unit on and let the water drain for 5 minutes.


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