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Westland Cacti & Succulent Potting Compost Mix Enriched with Seramis - 4 Litre

Westland Cacti & Succulent Potting Compost Mix Enriched with Seramis - 4 Litre

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  • 4-litre resealable pouch
  • Enriched with Seramis for water management
  • Used for sowing seeds, potting and re-potting cacti and succulents
  • Provides 4-6 weeks of essential nutrients before you need to feed


What Is Westland Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix Enriched with Seramis?

The Westland Cacti & Succulent potting mix is formulated for the correct balance of drainage and water retention as well as aeration. This specially blended potting mix includes grit and sand. It allows free-drainage and encourages strong roots. The formulation supports healthy growth of Cacti and Succulents. This potting compost will supply your plant with all the nutrients it needs for the first 4-6 weeks. The resealable pouch is easy to use, access and store.

Seramis® provides water management as it absorbs and slowly releases water and dissolved nutrients. It promotes an open, porous soil structure that supports your plant’s root zone. It helps to avoid soil compaction and supports strong root growth. It works to increase airflow and humidity to create a beneficial microclimate.

The slimline, resealable pouch is designed to stand upright so it is easy to find on shelves or any cupboard or where space is tight.

Why Do I Need Westland Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix?

Plants benefit from annual soil changes as they deplete the available nutrients or outgrow their pots. Fresh potting compost helps keep your plants looking great and growing strong.

Cactus and Succulents are best potted up during the growing season, from April to September. The same applies to soil changes.

How Do I Sow & Pot-Up My Cactus and Succulents?

The following procedures cover general use, potting up and re-potting your Cactus and Succulent seedlings and cuttings. It also covers sowing seeds:

How To Use Westland Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix

The following procedure covers general use of this spotting mix:

  • Water well and allow to drain.
  • If re-potting, choose a pot with drainage holes around 3-5 cm larger than the existing pot.
  • Place a layer of potting mix in the bottom of the new pot then carefully remove the plant from the existing pot.
  • Holding your plant upright in the middle of the pot, carefully backfill with potting mix around the sides of the rootball until the pot is full.
  • Tap the pot on a hard surface to settle the compost in and water in well.

Sowing Seeds

The following aims to show you how to sow seeds in this versatile potting mix:

  • Fill seed tray with potting mix.
  • Water thoroughly using a fine rose and allow to drain for several hours.
  • Succulent seeds are very small they only need pressing into the moist potting mix.
  • Cover the tray with glass or a clear polythene bag to retain moisture and keep in a warm place out of direct sunlight.
  • Pot seedlings on once they’re large enough to handle.

Potting and Re-Potting

The following aims to show you how to pot-up and re-pot seedlings and cuttings in this versatile potting mix.

  • Fill the pot or seed tray with potting mix and level off.
  • Prick off seedlings into holes.
  • Gently firm the potting mix, add a little mix more if necessary.
  • Water in well.

  • Pot-on rooted cuttings into individual pots or containers, taking care with the fragile roots.
  • For larger cuttings, half fill a pot, place the plant in position and fill around the roots with potting mix.
  • Gently tap the pot on a hard surface to firm the mix around the plant.
  • Water in well.


Garden tip:

  • When re-potting cactus plants, use folded paper to protect your hands against spikes.

Re-pot cacti and succulents during the growing season following the below advice:

  • Choose a pot with drainage holes around 3-5 cm larger than the existing pot.
  • Water the plant and allow to drain before carefully removing it from the pot.
  • Put a layer of potting mix in the new pot and sit the plant on it.
  • Fill the rest of the pot with potting mix, firming lightly around the root ball.
  • Do not water for a few days to allow roots to recover, helping to prevent root rot.

How Do I Feed and Water With The Westland Cacti and Succulent Potting Mix?

Watering Your Cactus and Succulents

Water when the surface of the soil is dry to the touch during summer and less frequently in winter. Always ensure that excess water can drain freely to avoid root damage.

Feeding Your Cactus and Succulents

Westland Cactus and Succulent Potting Mix will supply your plants with all the nutrients they need for the first 4-6 weeks. During spring and early summer, feed your plant with a specialist cactus and succulent feed every two to three weeks.

Cactus and Succulent Growing Tips and Advice

The following advice intends to give you some pointers for better citrus plants:

  • Keep plants in a min temp of 5C (40F)
  • During winter keep the plants in a cool, frost free place
  • Place in south facing positions for maximum sunlight
  • Do not place in direct sunlight for the first 3 weeks

General Advice For Westland Cacti and Succulent Potting Mix

  • Store in a dry, frost free place away from weed killers and other garden chemicals
  • Not suitable for ericaceous (lime hating) plants
  • Reseal the bag after use
  • Use in a well-ventilated place and avoid breathing in any dust
  • Always wear gloves when gardening and wash hands after use


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