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Wilma 4 Dripper Systems

Wilma 4 Dripper Systems

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  • Automatically regulates the irrigation of your plants!
  • Easy to set-up and maintain.
  • Perfect spacing between pots.
  • A handy nutrient mixing tap.
  • Easy access to the reservoir.
  • Wilma systems can be used with any substrate.


Enjoy increased yields with a Wilma Dripper System. Taking all the effort out of gardening with a timer that automates feeding, the Wilma Dripper System provides an ideal entry point into hydroponics. Simply fill the pots with your chosen plant and then set the timer to match the feeding frequency and duration that is required. The nutrient solution is then delivered by pump through the drippers into the pots.

Wilma systems are all about user's choice, get the right system for your space and technique.

In Wilma systems, the plants are fed little and often, allowing the plants access to nutrients and water whenever it's required.

Designed for growing in clay pebbles, the Wilma Dripper System can also be used to grow in soil, coco or rockwool with less frequent watering and the right timer. We carry a range of different Wilma Dripper Systems to suit most growing needs and sizes of grow-spaces.

Wilma pot systems offer a range of different pot sizes depending on how many and how large the user wants their plants to finish. 6L pots are perfect for small plants that will not recieve much vegetation time. 11L pots will produce plants that finish between 2-3 feet tall. 18L pots will require longer vegetative period, finishing 3-6 feet tall. 25L pots can produce plants that can outgrow their space if given enough veg time.

The footprint of a Wilma Dripper System is as big as the bottom tank/ reservoir.

The Wilma 4 Dripper System comes in various options, including small, large and extra large. All of the 4 pot options are on this page, please visit here for our 8 pot Wilma Systems options including wide systems or here for all other for all other sizes.

with different sizes available, there is a system guaranteed to meet you needs.

Each Wilma System comes complete with everything you need except a substrate, including:

Reservoir Tank

Top Tray


A suitable Maxi-Jet pump

Delivery system with inline tap (in 3 parts)

Bag of pump accessories


Flood drippers

Arrow drippers

Reservoir cap

Length of green hose

Full instructions

System Dimensions Pots Tank capacity Price
Wilma Small 4 60 x 60 cm 4 x 6 L 30 L £64.95
Wilma Small 4 60 x 60 cm 4 x 11 L 30 L £64.95
Wilma Large 4 75 x 75 cm 4 x 11 L 50 L £89.95
Wilma Large 4 75 x 75 cm 4 x 18 L 50 L £82.95
Wilma XL 4 90 x 90 cm 4 x 18 L 70 L £129.95
Wilma XL 4 90 x 90 cm 4 x 25 L 70 L £119.95
Large 8 75 x 75 cm 8 x 6 L 30 L £215.95
XL 8 90 x 90 cm 8 x 11 L 70 L £143.95
XXL 8 115 x 115 cm 8 x 18 L 150 L £159.95
Wide small 8 120 x 60 cm 8 x 11 L 85 L £221.95
Wide Large 8 170 x 75 cm 8 x 11 L 120 L £131.95
Wide Large 8 170 x 75 cm 8 x 18 L 120 L £162.95
Wide XL 8 190 x 90 cm 8 x 18 L 180 L £184.95
Wide XL 8 190 x 90 cm 8 x 25 L 180 L £199.95
XXL 5 115 x 115 cm 5 x 25 L 150 L £203.95
XXL 9 115 x 115 cm 9 x 18 L 150 L £179.95
XXL 16 115 x 115 cm 16 x 11 L 150 L £174.95
XXL 20 115 x 115 cm 20 x 6 L 150 L £184.95
Wide 10 120 x 60 cm 10 x 6 L 85 L £109.95

Please Note:

While a normal Grasslin segmental timer can be used with Wilma systems, we recommend the use of Feed Timers to more accurately dose the amount of feed the plants in the system recieves. with these timers, you can feed less nutrients more regularly to ensure optimal growth.

You'll need enough substrate to fill up the pots in your wilma system


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